Product Description

No antibiotics
Conventional operations often feed pigs regular antibiotics. The World Health Organization has warned that feeding animals antibiotics may pose a risk to human health, due to the increased risk of ingesting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Our pigs are never fed any antibiotics.
No growth hormones
Many containment hog operations inject their hogs with growth hormones (like athletes using steroids) to increase their growth. A scientific review performed by the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health found that meat raised using growth hormones poses several potential serious threats to human health. Our hogs are raised the natural way – without injecting growth hormones.
Chemical-free pasture
Our pigs pasture is grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals have negative effects on our environment and human health. (The EPA lists agricultural chemicals as the #1 water pollutant, and a USGS survey found that every single one of the 1,000+ streams they tested were polluted.) We’re proud to grow our pasture the natural, chemical-free way.

More Omega-3’s and Vitamin E
Omega 3 fatty acids offer multiple health benefits, including being great for your heart.


  • Our processor is certified humane by the USDA.
  • Chemical-free pasture.
  • Agricultural chemicals are responsible for polluting our streams, killing an estimated 72 million birds each year, and creating dead zones in the ocean.
  • We’re proud to raise our pork on 100% chemical-free pasture.
  • Healthier, happier animals.
  • Foraging on pasture is the natural and healthy way to raise pigs, not locked up in a tiny cage.