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Highlands Family Farm offers top-quality meats to our community and beyond. Learn about our products and check our on-hand inventory below.

Highlands Family Farm Chicken

Beef Products

Grass-fed meat isn’t a luxury item – it’s real meat.  Factory meat has the wrong fatty acids, contains obesity-causing hormones, and usually has mycotoxins (biotoxins formed by mold in cattle food and meat processing). Grass-fed meat is in a league of its own. Give ours a taste, and you won’t go back to buying your meat from your grocery store. Our meat comes from our family farm, where all our animals graze in pastures. Happy, healthy animals make better meat. We know you’ll be able to taste the difference.

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Pork Products

What passes for pork in the supermarket these days leaves much — besides taste — to be desired. What is a “ham and water-added product,” anyway? Our pigs are grass-fed and spend their days in our pastures.  Our pigs are free of chemicals and hormones. Happy pigs make delicious pork. We’re excited for you to taste the difference.

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Our pasture-raised lamb have a mild flavor and no after taste. We guarantee that our meats will provide satisfaction to you and your family. Once you taste our lamb you will have a new perspective and opinion on how delicious lamb truly is.

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Top Quality - Our Committment to You

We feel that our products are of higher quality than anything you can purchase from a chain grocery store. So much that we guarantee you will taste the difference or we will give you your money back.

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Exclusively available at the following locations

We sell exclusively at Highlands Butchery. You can enjoy eating our products at these locations.

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